´╗┐The primary mission of the Foundation is to manage funds in support of all fields of study in the Rockport schools, including science, technology, arts and the humanities. We solicit and accept donations from individuals, corporations and foundations whether in cash or in kind. Your gift supports innovative, pilot projects that the school has deemed important to supplement the current curriculum and the Foundation's general endowment for future endeavors. We have set a goal of raising a $1 million endowment to fill these needs and urge you to join us in this effort.


EFR, through the generosity of the people and businesses of Cape Ann, provide enrichment programs, field trips, scholarships and support to our schools that otherwise would not be possible. We help overcome some of the challenges in achieving a balance within controlled tax levels and providing a quality public education for the students of Rockport. Our many fundraising efforts provide programs to enrich our children's education. We thank all our contributors for their continued support.

Featured Program Ballroom Dancing The Ballroom Blitz taught by Miss Tina LaFlam and her staff

This program is offered to all RES 5th grade students and consists of eight weeks of instruction in ballroom dancing. Students are taught by Miss Tina LaFlam and her staff, with support from RES teachers. 5th graders learn the basic steps in dances such as the tango, waltz, cha-cha and swing, while also practicing proper dance-floor etiquette. The program usually runs between January and March and culminates in "The Ballroom Blitz", a wonderful celebration of all the students have learned, performed in front of families and friends in the high school gym.


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The Educational Foundation of Rockport is an absolutely essential partner in our endeavor to broaden and enrich the educational experiences for all the children that attend the Rockport Public Schools. Over the years the foundation has been in existence they have provided thousands of dollars to fund an extensive variety of innovative and cutting edge programs that our school system would otherwise be unable to offer. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to this fine organization! - Rob Liebow, Rockport Superintendent of Schools